Springwall® Mattress Range

Recommended Chiropractic® Mattress Range

Did you know that you spend about a third of your life sleeping? This means that your mattress is an essential part of your life and while you might think that it’s comfortable enough, it probably isn’t giving you enough spinal support.

However, this is exactly what your body needs after a long day. Whether you’ve been sitting, standing or walking for most of the day, bedtime is when your body needs to recharge and reset. This is especially important for your spine. It needs a bed that provides sufficient back support so that your body can recover from the strain that it has been placed under throughout the day. Wouldn’t it be great to have a chiropractor-endorsed bed to come home to every night?

This is where our Springwall® chiropractic® mattress range comes in. Our partnership with Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) provides inputs from the top Chiropractors in the industry. As one of the largest chiropractic® health body in the world, the CMCC provides us with invaluable advice on how our customers could use improve our Springwall® chiropractic® mattresses experience as a way to improve overall health the quality of life. Each of our mattresses goes through comprehensive research and development processes, facilitated by our research team. They have a team of international experts who assist SlumberCorp’s engineers with a better “understanding and development of chiropractic® care”.

Have a look at some of the ranges available in this collection and the benefits that you can expect to experience.



Springwall’s® revolutionary Diamond Nested™ Contour Response™ Micro Coil delivers exceptional comfort and cradling support whilst providing the sleeper with Minimal Partner Disturbance. So even if couples turn around in bed, they can keep sleeping without disturbing each other.


Springwall® offers the best type of chiropractor-recommended mattresses for your back will not only aid in a good night’s sleep but also improves your spinal health.

Chiro Restore Range

This range has different mattress options: Chiro Compose, Chiro Restore, and Chiro Serene.

The range makes use of the revolutionary Diamond Nested Contour Response Micro Coil technology. This pocket spring system not only provides extreme comfort, it also offers a high level of support and minimal partner disturbance.

By using gel-infused memory foam and natural gel latex coupled with tencel technology, the sleeper enjoys temperature control throughout the night, which results in a refreshing rest.

Chiro Slumber Range

The mattresses in this range are Chiro Care, Chiro Slumber, and Chiro Embrace.

This range uses Dreamsense Chiropractic® Compu-Tec technology, which provides targeted lumbar support for the sleeper. This three-zoned chiropractic® spring unit is one of the most durable in the market.

The Power Weight Edge Support provides additional support while maximizing the sleeping surface area.

Chiro Harmony Range

This range consists of the Chiro Dream, Chiro Harmony, and Chiro Divine mattresses.

By using innovative Dreamsense Profile Coil fine wire technology, the sleeper’s body will be comfortably cushioned. However, the true benefit can be felt when this technology allows the body to be completely and fully supported throughout the night.

Each mattress also uses memory foam which is actually infused with ViscoCare Gel. This not only adds support but also regulates the sleeper’s temperature while they’re resting. This temperature control feature is enhanced by the use of breathable wool, which will keep the sleeper cool in summer and warm in winter.

Chiro Support Range

This range also has various mattress options: Chiro Support Firm, Chiro Support Medium, and Chiro Support Plush.

The Dreamsense Contour Response 3 Zone Pocket Spring system is what will give the sleeper a truly comfortable night’s rest. It does this by actually conforming to the body. Because of independent spring technology, it also offers minimal partner disturbance.

With the additional use of Adaptive Technology, the Belgium Knit Fabric quilt actually adjusts to any temperature changes in the environment. It increases the evaporation abilities of the fabric, leaving the sleeper comfortably cool throughout the night.

Health Vantage allergy-free materials and foams are used in each chiropractic® mattress, all of which are accredited by Good Environmental Choice Australia. These materials also have antibacterial properties for added health benefits. This makes this collection suitable for allergy sufferers as well.

A Chiropractic® collection is also an ideal bedding option to have in Hotels and Guest Houses. For a commercial mattress, you can’t go wrong with a product engineered with the assistance of a well-established chiropractic® organisation.