Client satisfaction is such an important component of any business. Satisfied customers are the bread and butter of the business, and revenue and sales are dependent on their happiness. This is why it is essential to provide only the best in client services.

For you as a retailer, your focus is most likely on your paying customers. For us here at SlumberCorp, you are our client and one that we hope to engage with if you are new to our brand. If you’ve been with us for a while, we’d like to retain your loyalty with our high levels of professionalism and proudly Australian products.

As a wholly Australian owned and operated the company, we have shown our dedication to our vision, mission, and values while still growing and succeeding expectations. When we started our operations in 1995, we had a goal to produce eight beds a day. Now, that number has increased exponentially to 250.

Because of this massive growth, we had to expand our manufacturing facilities quite a few times. We currently have a factory that is more than 6,500 sqm in size, a testament to the sheer volume of work that we do. We also have plans to extend even further as our business continues to grow.

Before we discuss all of the exceptional health benefits that our Springwall® Chiropractic® mattresses offer, let’s touch on how our customer-driven approach to business relations makes us the right choice for you.

A key part of our success lies in the manufacturing processes that we use. Firstly, by us using Just-in-time methodology, we cut down on waste. This is because we only order and produce products based on the actual demand. This lack of waste means that we have a more streamlined and efficient approach to manufacturing. This is aided by our use of Agile methodologies, which also allows us to respond quickly to our clients’ requests while still keeping within our budget.

We also pride ourselves on offering both flexible and global delivery methods. We take our clients’ specific needs into account and provide solutions. This is why we work with more than 500 retailers and independent enterprises in the country.

Just as service is important, so are products. Most of our materials for our bedding options are locally sourced, which shows that we care about providing employment- and economic support to our country.

Our Springwall® collection offers a host of health benefits. By using technological advancements in the bed- and sleep industries, your clients will enjoy a restful and restorative night’s sleep. We’ve actually collaborated with a range of reputable and well-established organisations such as the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic® College and Better Sleep Council Canada.

Each mattress range in this collection has their own unique spring system, all of which offer exceptional spinal support and comfort. To add to this high level of support, some mattresses have gel-infused memory foam which also offers pressure relief for a truly restful and relaxing sleep.

Hypersoft Quilting Foam or Dream Foam makes the sleeper feel as if they’re floating on clouds, while still being fully supported. This quilting also offers a luxurious touch to these mattresses.

Not only are we proud of our products, but we’re also extremely proud of the various awards that we have won over the years from the Australian Furniture Association (AFA). These include the prestigious FIAA “Supplier of the Year” award and the FIAA “Best Sleep Set in WA” award.

More than this though, we’re proud of our unwavering support within the WA community. With each mattress that we sell, a percentage of the proceeds go to the Perth Children Hospital. By partnering with SlumberCorp, not only will you become a reputable Springwall® mattress supplier in Australia, you’ll also be a part of making a difference in the lives of the families that this hospital provides for.

If you’re ready to join our retail network, then get in touch with us today. We’re excited to see how our Springwall® collection will make a difference in the lives of your customers.

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