Slumber Care Mattress Manufacturer

Customer satisfaction is a high priority for us here at SlumberCorp. This was one of our drivers when we first opened our doors in 1995 and continues to be an important factor for us today.

When we started out, our main goal was to become a viable and preferred alternative to other establishments in the bed manufacturing industry. We’ve enjoyed tremendous growth in this regard, currently manufacturing over 250 pieces of bedding every working day. We’ve also partnered with over 500 retailers and independent enterprises in Australia, all of whom proudly stock our premium beds.

Since we started, we’ve also completed more than 2000 commercial bedding projects. This shows that hotels and accommodation facilities all over the country hold our award-winning beds in high regard.

Speaking of awards, the overall excellence of SlumberCorp has been recognised many times over. We have received numerous awards from the prestigious Australian Furniture Association (AFA), including the FIAA ‘Excellence in a Sleep Set’ award as well as the FIAA ‘Supplier of the Year’ award.

Our SlumberCare mattresses are arguably our most popular products and for good reason. By using innovative technologies such as Edge Care Comfort™ foam, Natures Air® Gel Infused Latex and Visco Care® Gel, we offer unparalleled benefits to anyone hoping for a restorative night’s sleep.

In addition, we have a comprehensive range of SlumberCare bedding options available, all of which offer excellent health benefits. These advantages are made possible through many factors. Our foam and pocket spring systems allow our mattresses to perfectly contour your body for the utmost comfort throughout the night. The addition of gels in the foam and latex also aids in temperature control to keep you cool during the night.

Just as we’re customer focused, we know that you as our potential retail partner feels the same. We know that you want to give your customers the best and as SlumberCare mattress manufacturers, we know that we can help you reach that goal.

A part of this is ensuring that all of our products are not only professionally manufactured, but also that they provide they have been expertly developed. Examples of this are our SlumberCare and Sleep Revolution ranges. With us collaborating with the Australian Spinal Research Foundation, you can rest assured that the mattresses in these ranges have the approval of the professionals.

Providing outstanding products is just one way that we can help you. Using professional and efficient business practices is another way. Our industry experience is not limited to just manufacturing, we also have extensive client-relations experience between us and our retail clients.

One of the most important aspects is ensuring that we practise efficient processes as we know that time is money. We use a modern Just-in-time (JIT) methodology, which means that by only ordering our materials as and when we need them, we drastically reduce both of wastage and inventory costs, allowing us to save where it matters.

We also incorporate agile processes into our manufacturing procedures, which allows us to assist our retail clients efficiently and effectively, while still staying within our budget parameters. This responsible and client-centric way of working allows us to be flexible in our delivery options. This, in turn, means that we can customise delivery methods for our clients to make things easier for them.

SlumberCorp is also fully invested in the Western Australian community, which is why a percentage of each mattress sale goes towards the Princess Margaret Hospital Light the Kite Foundation.

If you would like to partner with our business, simply contact us today. You’ll be giving your customers a restorative night’s rest while contributing to a worthy cause. You’ll also enjoy a professional working relationship with one of the most dynamic and progressive bedding companies in Australia.