Commercial Deluxe

Product Details

With Deluxe Comfort in mind, the Commercial Deluxe has been developed to meet the growing demands for higher comfort in accommodation.

Added features:

  • Pocket coil spring system provides minimal partner disturbance. All-natural latex combined with Comfort Plush urethane and poly/wool blend underlay for higher comfort and luxury.
  • HealthVantage® treated to assist allergy sufferers.
  • Hypersoft Quilting with wool-blend – high-quality quilting foams combined with sanitised polyester/wool blend micro quilted to a luxurious and breathable knitted fabric.
  • Comfort Plush – high quality “Comfort Plush” urethene foam for increased surface comfort and support
  • Natural Latex – all-natural Latex layer provides resilience and a luxurious comfort feel. A top quality mattress component.
  • Pocket® Spring with 3 Zone Edge Care Comfort – Pocket® Spring is the heaviest single gauge wire in the industry, this spring allows for maximum support along with 3 Zone Edge Care® Comfort Plus offering maximum minimal partner disturbance
COMFORT & FEEL options
92 * 188 CMs
Long Single
92 * 203 CMs
King Single
107 * 203 CMs
138 * 188 CMs
153 * 203 CMs
183 * 203 CMs
Super King
203 * 203 CMs