5 Star Commercial Hotel-Motel

Product Details

5 Star luxury is an apt description for a model that is requested time and again due to its supportive foundation and medium/firm comfort feel – not too firm not too soft. A Double-sided mattress.

Added features:

  • Ortho-Tec® zoned support to assist spinal alignment.
  • HealthVantage® treated to assist allergy sufferers.
  • Hypersoft Quilting – deeper layers of Micro Quilting combined with sanitised polyester underlay provide a luxurious feel whilst maintaining surface panel integrity.
  • Comfort Medium/Firm – a combination of Hi-Density Comfort Firm urethane and body contouring urethane sheets provides comfort and support level to suit a wide range of tastes.
  • Computec™ Spring System – computer designed “Series 5 Firm” Superior Spring Unit designed and built to the International Helix Angle for Optimum spine & lumbar Support and higher resilience. It provides correct spinal alignment while offering max sleeping area for the partners.
COMFORT & FEEL options
92 * 188 CMs
Long Single
92 * 203 CMs
King Single
107 * 203 CMs
138 * 188 CMs
153 * 203 CMs
183 * 203 CMs
Super King
203 * 203 CMs