Product Details

Victoria offers a regal element in Commercial bedding. Tempered wire coils are pocketed providing independent suspension minimising partner disturbance and increasing the chances of restful sleep. A selection of comfort layers over the spring system makes up the comfort top providing high comfort for a wide range of body shapes and sizes. Available in all standard sizes and as Velcro or Zip join King Split option.

Added features:

  • Hypersoft Quilting with wool blend – hypersoft quilting foam combined with sanitised polyester/wool blend underlay micro-quilted to a luxurious and breathable knitted fabric. High-quality fire retardant fabric completes the design.
  • Comfort Firm – high Resilient “Comfort Firm” urethane foam for ongoing support.
  • Sensor Response Comfort Layers – sensor response body contouring comfort plush layer of urethane and body contouring enhanced comfort layer of urethane.
  • Sensor Tech Pocket Springs Technology – pocket spring system supports the body from different points during sleep. Thanks to this system consisting of springs placed independently from each other, even couples with different weight, height and lying position can sleep without disturbing each other. Chiropractic zoning to assist spinal alignment.
COMFORT & FEEL options
92 * 188 CMs
Long Single
92 * 203 CMs
King Single
107 * 203 CMs
138 * 188 CMs
153 * 203 CMs
183 * 203 CMs
Super King
203 * 203 CMs