Slumber Care Retailers

There are many investments that you will make in your life. A house and car may be the top two you think of, but what about a mattress? A reliable and supportive bed is one of the main requirements for quality sleep, which we know has a range of health benefits.

In addition to recharging your batteries, a restorative night’s rest can help you feel more focused and productive, which is essential in navigating your work or school life. Poor sleep can even impact your risk of stroke and heart disease.

However, with today’s levels of stress, having a restful night’s sleep can seem like a distant dream. That’s where we come in. Our SlumberCare mattresses have a host of benefits and come in a range of options as well.

They don’t just look good either. They’re designed with your health and the environment in mind. Let’s take a look at some of the components that make SlumberCare the much-desired brand that it has become.

Hypersoft Quilting Foam

This extremely light foam is quilted to a wool blend or polyester. It is not only exceptionally comfortable, it also improves breathability, which means that you’ll be warmer in winter and cooler in summer. 

Pocket spring systems

Different mattress options have different springs systems which include the Contour Response 5 or 7 Zone Pocket Spring System and the Tri-Helix Pocket Spring System. These systems provide unparalleled support for your body, as well as offering minimal partner disturbance throughout the night. 

Edge Care™ Comfort Plus

It is extremely important to be comfortable when you’re sleeping. Tossing and turning all night will definitely result in a poor night’s sleep. With the high-density polymeric foam used in the manufacturing of each mattress, this is no longer an issue.

It provides complete body support and also maximises the actual sleeping surface on each mattress. It also offers a luxurious feel, which will definitely make you feel more than comfortable. This innovative foam makes it an excellent orthopaedic mattress.

Natures Air Synergy

This natural latex is imported all the way from Belgium. In addition, the latex is enhanced with both gel and graphite particles, which aids in body support. Its main benefit, however, is that it increases thermal conductivity, ensuring that you remain cool during the night.

Nature’s Air Synergy

By offering similar benefits to the above-mentioned latex, you can rest assured that you’ll feel completely refreshed come morning.

Health Vantage

Our allergy-free covers mean no more sneezing. It is also completely safe for asthma sufferers.


Thanks to our collaboration with the Australian Spinal Research Foundation, this specific technology provides the perfect support for correct spinal alignment.

These are just some of the materials used in the production of SlumberCare that makes it one of our most popular brands, and which will have you finding a mattress retailer soon!

These mattresses are also manufactured with our environment in mind. As part of the ‘Think Green/Go Green’ program, these mattresses are environmentally responsible.

If you want to buy one of our SlumberCare mattresses, you’ll be doing so much more than buying a locally produced product. You’ll also be contributing to our community initiative as a portion of each sale goes directly to the Perth Children’s Hospital.

We’ve partnered with over 500 retailers, so finding out where to a buy SlumberCare mattress is easier than ever. Simply contact us today and we’ll let you know where you can find a SlumberCare retailer.

However, we do have plans to start selling these popular mattresses directly. In doing this, our non-retail customers will get to experience our excellent client services firsthand.